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2020/04/08(Wed) PM 12:00

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Newly built power plants must make it a priority to evaluate their potential impact on the environment in the face of increasingly stringent carbon emissions standards. At the same time, optimizing the makeup of electrical power sources has become one of the most important considerations in the smartization of the electric power industry. Energy storage systems are currently the best option for electrical buffering, as they serve multiple key roles in electricity generation, such as raising the power efficiency of traditional power plants or increasing the share of electricity generated via renewable energy sources. According to the EnergyTrend research division of TrendForce, the integration between centralized generation and distributed smart grid is an inevitable trend in smart city initiatives. In this webinar, EnergyTrend will deliver a detailed outlook of the BESS (battery energy storage system) market, including topics in energy storage system structure and market demand in different regions.

Webinar Topics

Structures and Types of Grid-Connected Energy Storage

Battery Storage Development in International Markets

Market Drivers in Europe,
the U.S., and Asia

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Battery power-related industries

Battery storage and renewable energy-related industries

Financial institutions

Academics and individuals with an interest
in battery and electric power industries


  • EnergyTrend Senior Research Manager, TrendForce
  • Duff Lu

TrendForce Senior Research Manager Duff Lu’s past projects include the 2015 Green Vehicle Project and the 2020 EV Industrial Cluster Globalization Project. These projects examined their respective industries through the lenses of technology, business modeling, and public policy.

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